Celebrity Breaks – Rhea Ripley AKA Mami from WWE

When WWE invaded Fanatics Live to auction off memorabilia, we got a real treat when one of the hottest wrestlers on the planet, Rhea Ripley, signed her autograph. She did WHAT?! 

You never know what’s going to happen on Fanatics Live. We’ve seen athletes make surprise appearances and big-time hits get pulled. This video has us rolling and might be one of the best moments ever on Fanatics Live!

WWE wrestlers were auctioning off memorabilia. When it came time, MAMI signed items like a championship belt and chairs from shows, but we didn’t see the next move coming. Before New Day joined the show, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston brought out three blank pieces of paper. The tag team wondered which autograph would be worth more money. Mami knocked it out of the park with this move:

SHE LICKED THE AUTO! We dig. The winning bid was $580 dollars, which was a higher price than the Miz signed Intercontinental belt. 

We snuck a look at Mick Foley’s IG, and it looks like Panini has Impeccable on the way. Fingers crossed, Mami breaks Impeccable on Fanatics soon!