Greatest Pulls of All-Time – 2022-23 National Treasures LeBron James Logoman

Blez has been breaking for about seven years, and this week, they pulled the biggest hit in their history! From 2022-23 Panini National Treasures basketball, a Lebron James Logoman emerged.

A logoman is THE card from a modern basketball product. Each player’s jersey sports the NBA logo, Jerry West dribbling the basketball in a white silhouette with red and blue in the background. When you’re looking to pull a patch card, the logoman card is your Grail. 

2022-23 Panini National Treasures basketball dropped on November 15th. Each box should have 10 cards with 4 autos, 4 memorabilia cards, 1 base/parallel, and 1 printing plate. One of the most high-end products each year, NT will set you back a pretty penny; box values are running around $3,000 today. However, this is why we love breaks -you can buy in per spot and not drop all of your holiday cash on a box. 

Blez offers a wide variety of break options. One of the NT break options available today is a pick-your-parallel, including a non-auto logoman option for $399. Imagine pulling a logoman card for under $400! One lucky collector got in an NT break with a pick-your-parallel spot  a few days ago, and this happened:

I believe we counted 11 “Oh my” from SBlez. There is a LeBron James 1/1 logoman! In his Lakers uni, James is on the left, rocking his number six and the ball in his left hand. To James’ right is his logoman! You can see one of one on the left-hand side of this monster hit. This is the type of card that goes to an auction house or your bank vault. Fresh off his In-Season Tournament win, LeBron James cards are likely heating up this week, too.
Congrats to the new owner of this HUGE hit and Blez for pulling one of the Greatest Pulls of All-Time. If you’re looking to join Blez’s next break, you can check their site out HERE.