Tom Brady

Greatest Pulls of All-Time: 2000 Score Rookie Preview Tom Brady Autograph

A Tom Brady-signed rookie card was pulled in a break! Coming fresh out of a pack 23 years after being released, Daddy Rips opened 2000 Score football and found THE GOAT.

Released in 2000, Score football boxes came with 36 packs and 10 cards per pack. A 330-base card set included 55 rookies like Brian Urlacher, Shaun Alexander, and 1999 Heisman winner Ron Dayne. At the time, little-known Michigan QB, Tom Brady, earned himself a card or two! Before Brady became The GOAT, winning 7 Super Bowls, 3 MVPs, and just about every record imaginable, he signed a few rookie cards that were inserted in 2000 Score football boxes.

Daddy Rips opened a box during one of their breaks. In the pack, you can see a little of the brown edge, which could have been one of the signed inserts known as the Rookie Preview. There are 35 different players who signed the Rookie Preview cards, with one card falling every two boxes. To pull a Brady Rookie Preview auto, the odds are 1 in 70 boxes! Doing the math, this would be 1 in 2,520 packs.

OH. MY. To see a Tom Brady rookie card pulled 23 years after the product was released is AMAZING! Makes you wonder how many Brady rookie autos are still sealed. Could this be the last time we’ll ever see a Tom Brady rookie auto-pulled pack-fresh? Brady is in his Michigan uniform, ball in hand, and his early sign-on card. Since this card was sealed in the pack, we were still seven years away from the first iPhone (June 29th, 2007), NYSNC and Backstreet Boys dominated the radio, and gas was about $1.39 per gallon. 

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