Card Breaks Chelsea

The Babes of Card Breaks – Chelsea Stafford

You might recognize Chelsea Stafford by her eBay account, which has sold nearly 7,000 items, including tons of cards. Or, perhaps you know about CMS cards on Instagram. If not, we’re certain you know the name CardGirlChels! Ah, that rings a bell, doesn’t it?

CardGirlChels is on IG showing off her favorite cards, products, travels, and, of course some lovely photos that you’ll only view for card-related research. 

Chelsea is about to rip Leaf Lumber here:

Looks like Topps Heritage hiding in these goodie bags:

Is she hanging out with Kyle Schwarber?!

Wonder if her friend likes Card Breaks?

Make sure to visit CardGirlChels on her IG to see her latest card sales, eBay offerings, and of course, “research.”