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Celebrity Breaks with Julio Rodriguez

Seattle Mariners superstar Julio Rodriguez sat down with Topps to rip a box of Pristine as well as a sneak peek at his own new product, The Show Out Collection.

J-Rod is following up his rookie year with another all-star season. With just a few games left in the 2023 regular season, Rodriguez’s Mariners are in contention for a Wild Card berth. On the year, J-Rod joined the 30-30 club with 31 homers and 37 steals, as well as knocking in 102 RBI. A fan favorite, J-Rod earned himself a special Topps collab called The Show Out Collection. What better way to show the new product than to break packs for us to see?
Topps brought J-Rod in to break packs of both Pristine and his new Show Out Collection. The Pristine box has six packs per box with ten cards per pack. There are two autos and one auto relic per box, making this a fun rip. The Show Out collection box has ten packs per box, with seven cards per pack. You’ll find one auto per box, too. The Show Out checklist was hand-picked by J-Rod! Let’s see what he ripped from the boxes:

J-Rod loved pulling his Seattle Mariners players. Fittingly, he ripped a George Kirby auto! Our favorite moment was not the auto-pull but his answer to his favorite food: his mom’s cooking.

Let us know if you have joined breaks with The Show Out collection and how you did!