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The Greatest Pulls of All-Time: 1967 Topps Mickey Mantle

A pack-fresh Mickey Mantle. How often will you ever be able to say that again? Say it again – pack-fresh Mantle. Just Rip It pulled the Mick from a 1967 Topps series 2 12-card cello pack!

Just Rip It offered spots in their “Spectacle” break, with the top draw being a Series 2 cello pack from 1967. The spectacle break contained 400 spots at $50 per spot. Once all spots were sold out, everyone in the break would have their names randomized, and the top 12 names after the random would take home a card from the 1967 Topps pack. What was so special about this cello? On the back was MICKEY MANTLE!

Sealed for 56 years, a pack-fresh Mickey Mantle hasn’t been touched by human hands since the days when minimum wage was $1.40 per hour, and a pack of baseball cards would set you back a whopping 5 cents. In a great marketing scheme that Topps still uses, cards were released in different series. In 1967, Series 1 contained cards numbered from 1 to 109. Those cards were released when the baseball season started. Later on, in the season, Series 2, with cards 110 to 196, were released. By the end of the year in ‘67, there were seven total series and a 609-card set. This idea kept kids continuing to purchase packs all year long rather than complete the full set in April and not buy any packs the rest of the year. You see this today with Topps releasing Series 1, Series 2, and Update.

For the Spectacle break, the earlier you purchased a spot into the break, the better-guaranteed product you received a pull from. For example, the first 36 spots purchased in the break received a card from a 1976 Topps baseball wax pack in that pack break, while the last 36 spots purchased in the break received a pack of 1990 Fleer basketball. The chance at PSA 10 cards of Hank Aaron or a Dennis Eckersley rookie worth multiple thousands of dollars is more appealing than a fourth-year Michael Jordan worth a fraction of that price in a PSA 10, right? The earlier your purchase, the better product. However, ALL spots in this break were in the running to land that Mickey Mantle card.

After the cello pack was opened, each of the 12 cards from 1967 were sent for grading. When the cards are returned, grades in hand, all 400 spots are randomized, and someone will own the Mickey Mantle. A three-time MVP, Mantle won seven World Series titles with the Yankees and ended his career with 536 home runs. To this day, Mickey Mantle is still one of the Kings of the hobby. You’re never guaranteed a PSA 10, but pack-fresh has to be the best bet. The PSA pop report lists only TWO Mantle cards as a PSA 10. The last 10 sold for $68,676.09 back in October of 2013. We’d even take a 9…

Watch Just Rip It make history here by pulling this Mickey Mantle from a 1967 Topps cello pack.

Let us know if YOU were in this break! We’d love to know if you win the Mickey Mantle. If you’re looking for the next Spectacle break, Just Rip It has a new break live, with the top draw being a 1980 Topps wax pack with a Larry Bird and Magic Johnson rookie on the back! You can see that break HERE.