Derek Jeter and Odell Beckham Jr

Celebrity Breaks with Derek Jeter and Odell Beckham Jr

Imagine buying into a break and then seeing a superstar show up to open your cards. That happened recently with Layton Sports Cards, Filthbomb Breaks, and Fanatics Live!

Fanatics Live is a one-stop shop for you to buy into breaks with your favorite breakers. On the same app, you could get into breaks with the links of Vintage Breaks, Japsys Case Breaks, Mamba Cards, and more! Recently, a pair of well-known breakers in our hobby, Filthbomb Breaks and Layton Sports Cards broke live from the Fanatics studio when in walked owner, Michael Rubin, along with Derek Jeter and Odell Beckham Jr!

We know Derek Jeter is loving the hobby with us; he launched his own card platform with Arena Club. This was OBJ’s very first break – hopefully we see him break more packs as well as other stars! 
Grab the Fanatics Live app now and let us know if you have any celebrities break your pack; we’d love to hear about it!