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The Babes of Card Breaks – Blake from TSB

The 2023 National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago was AMAZING! The show was the most-attended in history, A-list athletes were signing, huge pulls were had by breakers, and we got to see the Babes of Card Breaks in-person! If you missed out on the show, keep your eyes here on Card Breaks; we’re bringing one of the Babes to you!

TSB Card Market is a brother-sister duo that offers live breaks in Instagram, TikTok, and through WhatNot. Blake was at The National ripping packs, running interviews, and spreading the hobby love. Let’s see what Blake was up to during the show:

Blake + Stephanie from Stephanie Garcia:

Blake + Mamba Cards:

Ripping the Black Box:

To watch and join TSB break, you can check out their accounts here:

You could also watch this clip from the 2022 National on repeat:


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