Packers Rookie Jayden Reed Breaks Packs at Panini Premiere!

At the Panini Rookie Premiere, Cardsmiths Breaks, was breaking live during all of the fun. While in the middle of a 2022 Optic Contenders team break, Packers rookie, Jayden Reed, sat down to break some packs.


Jayden Reed came out of Michigan State after three standout years. In 2021, Reed won the Peach Bowl MVP award behind 6 catches for 80 yards and two scores. In 2022, the wide receiver tallied 1,026 yards and 10 TDs on the season. More than enough to impress the Green Bay Packers to draft Reed at #50 overall in this year’s NFL Draft. 

Reed was at the Panini Rookie Premiere and sat down with Cardsmiths Breaks to help break 2022 Optic Contenders.

Jayden did a pretty good job showing the cards off! He pulled a ton of Packers, and some nights hits like an Aiden Hutchinson auto and a Matthew Stafford Gold Ticket redemption. Great to see Reed hangout after breaking packs and answer questions from us in the Twitch chat. From favorite junk food to meeting Quavo, and who he picks between Jordan, LeBron, and Kobe. 


We love when Reed said he hoped he could take his new Packers jersey home. Do you think he gets to keep the jersey or will that be cut up and placed into Panini products, maybe a National Treasures release? We’ll find out soon when the new products drop for us to break!