The 15 Best Card Breaks Companies of 2022

We have your back with the best card breaks companies of 2022.

When you join a break, you want to know you’re breaking with one of the best companies around. You’re looking for breakers with a good reputation, the product you want, prices that fit your budget, and of course, some hot hands to pull you the HITS. We took to our best resource to come up with the list of the top breakers in the hobby now – you! We posted a poll asking you to vote on your favorite breaker. We tallied the votes, and here are your top 15 card breaks companies of 2022.

1. Sports Box Breaks

SBB is in its 9th year of breaking. In 2014, two friends got together and combined their passion and skills. A card collector and a website manager for two decades combined, and now long-time friends, Jason K and Kevin G bring you the TOP breaking company as voted on by you.


The selection of products is modern, and you can find a huge variety in the type of break available. SBB has personal breaks, mixers, hit-draft, pick-your-team, and even random players at tiered pricing. You’ll also find a Loyal Program at SBB! A discount between 2.5% and 12.5% on team breaks for members of the program can provide big savings. Saving 12.5 % on breaks? This skyrocketed SBB to become your top breaker.



Breaking Schedule:

2. Steel City Collectables

Owners Sean Bennett and Ken Amaroso began Steel City Collectables over two decades ago in 2002. What sets Steel City apart from other breakers is that they have an online store AND a breaking room. You could opt to buy a case of 2022-23 Prizm basketball or jump into a break of Prizm.


All major sports are offered in Steel City’s breaks with breakers Brett, David, Steve, and Tyler. The selection leans towards modern with the latest release available. A couple of unique features are the non-sports cards and the prizes in a break. While most non-sports card breaks are often Pokémon, Steel City has boxes like 2012 NECA The Hunger Games. In their 2016-17 Upper Deck Hockey box break, an Auston Matthews signed jersey is randomized off after the break. Not many breakers included signed jerseys in a card break! 

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3. Coffee Breakers

They may be newer to the breaking world, but the Coffee Breakers pack STAR power. Opened in 2020 by owners Steve Aoki, DJ Skee and Dan Fleyshman own, the high-end sports card store in Hollywood, CA., and offer breaks each day of the week.


You can join breaks in all of the major sports with new products at Coffee Breakers, as well as all the (how are these not considered major yet?) other sports such as soccer, racing, and UFC. If you’re down for a gamble, you can get a Mystery Pack that includes a grade cad, three raw cards, multiple packs, penny sleeves, and top loaders. Not many breakers offer mystery packs, and considering this is a high-end shop, you might score big. You can find breaks seven days per week from 11:00 AM – 3:00 AM! 



4. Wolfe’s Card Breaks

Wolfe’s Card Breaks opened a Facebook page dedicated to their breaks back in 2018 as a Group. To view the posts, you’ll need to join the group. This prevents random people from popping into the page and distracting you from the breaks or posting scams. LOVE IT. You’re only breaking with people that Wolfe lets in.


Products are modern. Here you can find 2022/23 Bowman Chrome University football, 2022/23 Select La Liga, 2023 Bowman Baseball, and more. Wolfe protects your modern cards by wearing gloves during breaks, too. You may not want fingerprints all over your top rookies.



Breaking schedule + locations: WolfesCardBreaks

5. Mojo Breaks

Mojo has entered year 13 of breaking behind owners Dan and Doug, making them one of the longest-tenured breakers. You voted Mojo into the top five behind their thousands of completed breaks! You’ll find something at Mojo few other breakers can offer, too – sales.


All of the latest products and recent releases can be had at Mojo. You can choose to join in on a case break, box break, personal, mixer, and both random and pick-your-team breaks. A feature that vaulted Mojo up in your voting are the sales available. There aren’t many breakers that place any products on sale, let alone a brand new product, but as you read, Mojo has a 2023 Bowman baseball in an eight-box jumbo case break at their sale price. The newest, hottest produce and on sale!



Breaking schedule:

6. Dave and Adam’s Card World

A staple of the hobby, Dave and Adams have been providing you with cards for over 30 years. Adam Martin, co-owner, makes sure you have their massive warehouse of inventory at your fingertips when it comes time to choose a break.


D&A has eight breakers on staff. Their schedule is extremely helpful and user-friendly. You can see the date, time, product, number of spots left in the break, and your favorite breaker on hand. Example: May 9th at 6:00 PM would be 2022 Topps Chrome Black baseball, 12-box case, random team, has David “Yagabomb” breaking – if you want in, there are 14 spots left. How helpful is that info for you? Enough to break the top 10 in your voting!


7. Blez Brothers

Belz makes it a family business in the breaking game. The fam puts in WORK. From 8:00 AM – 2:00 AM every day, Blez goes live for your breaks. What can you find nearly every waking minute of your day? Plenty!


Sticking to baseball, basketball, and football, you’ll see all of the newest and biggest products at Blez. An option offered here that we don’t find with any other breaker is the Cut Autos option. While you’re used to seeing random spots, pick-your-teams, or personal breaks, Blez adds in this Cut Autos spot in a high-end product such as the 2022 Topps Dynasty. Rather than selecting a player such as Ken Griffey, Jr at $399, you could purchase the Cut Autos for $499, giving you any cut auto in the box. If you love modern and variety, stop by Blez.


8. Vintage Breaks

Breaking since 2017, Vintage Breaks fills a void in the vintage area of card breaks. While owner, Leighton Sheldon, offers modern products, you’ll find packs to take you back not just to your youth but to totally different eras in time.


2022 NFL Prizm and 2023 Topps baseball are available, but it’s the older items that catch your eye at Vintage Breaks. Few, if any, breakers have a 1947-1966 Exhibits baseball cello pack or a 1966 Batman wax pack to break. Vintage Breaks may be the only game in town with a set break option, too, where you would receive a random card from classic sets like 1933 Goudey baseball with Babe Ruth cards.



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9. Backyard Breaks

Having one of the biggest followings, Backyard Breaks brings you more than just cards to entertain you; they go all out during their live streams. You’ve seen the team break packs in costume and even shirtless. These kids are just having fun each and every second of their breaks.


The products are modern and highly sought-after. The hot hands have belonged to BYB recently, and one of the biggest modern cards in the history of our hobby was pulled here. The 2020-21 Panini Flawless LeBron James Triple Logoman was pulled during a live stream. The card ended up selling for 2.4 million dollars after it was pulled! 

Breaking schedule:

10. Filthbomb Breaks

Stephen Micahel runs Filthbomb and offers breaks, merchandise, blogs, and one of the more unique deliveries among all of the breakers.


Offering modern products with all the big sports, Filthbomb has a huge variety. As we type, there are nine different soccer breaks from 2022 and 2023, 5 UFC breaks, and even multiple Marvel breaks to go along with five entire pages on the site with the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL breaks! A cool feature here is the “filler” breakers. These fillers are small or mini breaks that provide you the opportunity to get into a much larger break at a cheaper cost. There are breaks every day, and you’ll love Stephen’s DJ-style delivery, which you can catch a sample of here


11. Cards Infinity

A real O.G. breaker here! Chris J. began Cards Infinity back in 2006 with a hobby store and began filming box openings on YouTube in 2007. Soon Chris offered the option to sell a hobby box from his store and open it on YouTube for a customer to see the contents. There weren’t a lot of shop owners that had that foresight back then.


Offering modern products, you can find both hobby and retail boxes from all the big sports at Cards Infinity. You can opt for a personal box or a team draw here. A great option we haven’t seen at other breakers is the Pre-Sell feature. You can purchase a box or a break before the product is released. Talk about anticipation! 


12. Courtside Collectables

Courtside is located in Thornton, Colorado, proving you don’t need to be in NYC or L.A. to bring you the biggest breaks. 


The newest releases from each sport are offered at Courtside, and one thing that stands out is the Combo break. Using basketball, for example, you can join a four-box break with different products. A box of Court Kings, Donruss, Mosaic, and Elite hoops all in the same break, and you can get two teams in the break. If you’re looking to pull different cards of your favorite player, the Combo Breaks at Courtside have your name on them.


13. Meelypops Shop

Jameel opened Meelypops Shop in 2010, a brick and mortar in 2018, and now breaks live from Florida for you. 


The first product that appeared on the site is Doctor Who seasons 11 and 12. Well played, Mellypops! Every breaker posts the latest and greatest product, which Meelypos does have, but what sets those breakers apart from everyone else? Looking at the Doctor Who break caught our eyes, and then we noticed the 2022-23 NBA Prizm, EPL Soccer, UFC, and baseball breaks. Since there is an actual store, you can choose to purchase a product and have it shipped or have it ripped live.


14. Layton Sports Cards

Layton Sports Cards is a family business headed by Rich Layton. We’re entering year number 11, seeing Layton bring you some of the best breaks in the Country. 


There is no shortage of break types at Layton. You can opt for the random teams, pick your team, personal breaks, and even a random division break. Perhaps you’re a Detroit Lions fan and simply want the Green Bay Packers cards just to throw on the floor. Not that we’ve done that…a division break is perfect for such a thing. You may not find a match for the various types of breaks offered elsewhere. Currently, there are TWENTY different breaks available for 2022-23 Donruss Optic basketball alone available. You’ll see plenty of options like this with baseball, football, and basketball. 



Breaking schedule:

15. Clubhouse Breaks

Michael is the founder of Clubhouse and has been in the game longer than many other breakers. Have you ever decided to pick your own price for a break? That option truly exists, and it happens here at The Clubhouse, where breaks take place on weekdays starting at 4:00 PM EST.


You’ve seen a lot of pricing options for breaks. From Flat rates, where you pay the same price as everyone else for a random pack or team, to tiered pricing, when the better player/desired cards are more valuable, you know the drill. However, you probably haven’t picked your own pricing, have you? The Clubhouse sets a reserve price for the break as a total. The teams are then available to you and the others in the group to bid on the team price. If a box price is $300 and there are 30 teams, it might happen that one team is bid up to $271, leaving every other team at just a dollar. We’ve never seen a pick-your-pricing break before, and that’s probably why you voted Clubhouse Breaks as one of the Top 15 breakers around.