The Babes of Card Breaks – Erica Jones

Sara Ripz is accustomed to ripping cards, so much so that she made a bet about a card that led to a tattoo!

By day, Erica Jones is a sports reporter. A graduate from The U in Miami in Broadcast Journalism, you have seen her on KEZI 9 Sports out in Oregon. By night, when she’s not breaking the news, she’s breaking packs just like you. 

Erica is currently working with BLEZ, and luckily for us, is all over social media with her takes. Recently, Eric asked the burning question we have: why do MLB pitchers get NO love in the hobby?

You can get great info from Eric like the actual numbers for a rainbow, cracking slabs for crossovers,and fun videos such as her favorite insert sets.  


If you miss watching Eric break on Blez, you can find her on Instagram HERE Let us know if she pulls you any HEAT during your breaks.