Unveiling A Rare Gem: The Honus Wagner Sports Card

Have you ever wanted to see the grandfather of all sports cards? If you have, that card would be Pittsburgh Pirates and Hall of Famer Honus Wagner.

One of the most exclusive products in Sports Cards….and Schulty’s Card Pulls did not disappoint. 2022 Bowman Transcendent Baseball is so exclusive, Topps doesn’t invite you to just open it, they invite you to a Transcendent Opening Event (Seriously, it’s on the right on the Box. Once you get into the majestic Briefcase of Transcendent cards, you’ll find 2 different Sets: Autos and Prospects. The list of Hits kept growing, but for a $20,000+ Box, the best was yet to come. Talk about Transcendent, an Honus Wagner 1 of 1 Auto from somewhere around 100 years ago rounded out the collection. The signature was crisp and well-preserved, making the Card a sight to behold. It wasn’t a T206, but it sure was a card that transcended America’s Pastime.

Honus Wagner, also known as Hans Wagner, played 21 Seasons as Shortstop in the MLB from 1897 to 1917, almost entirely for the Pittsburgh Pirates.


Nicknamed “The Flying Dutchman” due to his superb speed and German heritage, this nickname was a nod to the popular German folk-tale turned opera. Wagner won 8 Batting Titles in his illustrious MLB career, a National League record that remains unbroken to this day, and matched only once (in 1997 by Tony Gwynn). He also dominated the league in Slugging 6 times and Stolen Bases 5 times in the early part of the 20th Century. In 1936, the Baseball Hall of Fame inducted Wagner as one of the first 5 members, he received the 2nd-highest vote total, behind Ty Cobb’s 222 and tied with Babe Ruth at 215.


Although no one today was around when Wagner played, The Hobby knows him for another reason, and that is being on one of the rarest and the most valuable Baseball cards in existence.


The 1909-1911 T206 Honus Wagner, as it’s referred to, recently sold at Auction for a whopping $7.25M! The card was printed by the American Tobacco Company back in a time when tobacco was promoted freely……and came with Baseball Cards?? The early 1900’s were a strange time, but it created a card that is still highly revered to this day. Honus Wagner had a major impact on the game and The Hobby, all before the Prohibition Era.


Honus Wagner was one of MLB’s earliest stars of the game, and his career puts him among one of the greatest players of all time. That’s why he is one of our Greatest Pulls of All Time.