TastyTingles – The ASMR Artist Who’s Also A Pokemon Card Breaker

We're back with the Babes of Card Breaks! This time we look at ASMR superstar TastyTingles.

When you’ve had a long day or you’re trying to ignore the stresses of work, one of the best relievers of problems is ASMR. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) gives you a tingly feeling that comes via triggers. The triggers are often very relaxing and come in forms such as scratching, crinkling sounds, and whispers. Sometimes these triggers are brought to you by a Babe of Card Breaks! This week we introduce you to TastyTingles!


We really don’t know much about TastyTingles, but who doesn’t love a mysterious lady? She is from the UK and seems to be very tech-savvy. From what we read on her Twitter, Tasty reviews and possibly builds computers. All of the pictures with computer parts have us lost; too many parts and buttons. Then we stumbled up this photo on Twitter:

Turns out TastyTingles has an ASMR account on YouTube and she opens packs of Pokémon cards. Here is a video of an ETB (Elite Trainer Box) Battle Styles where you can watch the pulls and relax to the ASMR noises. TastyTingles also said she’ll be sending the best cards off for grading, too.

When you’re done with this video, check out her YouTube channel to find other Pokémon card breaks with Unbroken Bonds or Celebration on this playlist. In Between packs you can head over to her Instagram. There aren’t many photos but we found these pictures of TastyTingles, where we clearly focused on the technology and computer parts.

We know TastyTingles loves to break Pokémon cards. Keep an eye out in the next Pokémon break you’re in; maybe you’ll have an ASMR star in your break.


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