The Greatest Pulls of All Time – 1981 Joe Montana Rookie

Joe Montana is one of the greatest players in NFL history. On the field, Joe Cool produced four Super Bowl championships for his San Francisco 49ers. He won three Super Bowl MVP awards and two league MVP awards. Before playing in the Pros, Montana won a National Championship at Notre Dame in 1977. The Comeback Kid’s rookie card is in 1981 Topps football and pack-fresh cards are highly coveted. Imagine pulling TWO Montana rookie cards in the same pack? That happened with Just Rip It!

There were 27 cards in the 1981 Topps football cello pack with a Joe Montana rookie card on the front and a Joe Montana rookie card on the bottom! We checked the PSA Pop report and there are only 109 Montana rookie cards graded PSA 10. While the 27th card is off-center, card 1 might have earned that high grade. The last PSA 10 sold for $54,000 in October 2022. In a PSA 9, you’ll expect to pay around $1,900 these days for a copy. We’d love to even take home a PSA 8 for $300 to $400! 


The odds of one pack holding two Montana rookies must be long. Easily one of the greatest breaks of all-time. With modern products, especially high-end cards, it is not very hard to track the big pulls given the quality control and social media. Vintage pulls are much different; we really do not know how many Joe Montana rookie cards are sitting in sealed packs. We’d love to go back in time to 1981 when MTV first aired (8/1/81), Raiders of the Lost Ark was on the big screen (6/12/81), and REO Speedwagon was dominating the radio with Keep on Loving You – we’d be sifting through the cello packs to find us an ‘81 football pack with Montana on top!