Celebrity Breaks – Matt Overton of the Dallas Cowboys

Matt Overton is a Long Snapper for the Dallas Cowboys. The NFL veteran has been in the league for 10 years and made the Pro Bowl in 2013. As the Cowboys gear up for their Wild Card matchup against the Bucs on Monday, Overton was ripping wax in card breaks!


Overton joined Leaf Trading Cards a few days ago to open packs. You may have collected Leaf cards when you were younger, perhaps chasing a Frank Thomas rookies from 1990 Leaf baseball, or Tony Gonzels rookie cards from 1997 Leaf Football. Here you can see an eight-box case of football. Each box had six 1 of 1 autographed proof cards. Overton pulled out a Kenneth Walker signed rookie proof. The Seahawks rookie is also in the playoffs this weekend. 

Matt Overton has been enjoying the hobby with us for a while. He sat down in the Cowboys locker room with Mojo Sports back in November. While opening a box of 2022 Score football, Overton talks about the players he collects and about the only card he appears on! If you find a 2017 Elite Field Vision card of Adam Vinatieri, Overton is on the card and he’s never signed on. Might be worth sending him a TTM request! Check out the break with Mojo and a behind-the-scenes look of the Cowboys facility.


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Matt Overton is on Twitter and Instagram. Who knows – maybe he’ll do some trades with you! Keep an eye out in your next break; an NFL Long Snapper could be in the same pack as you.