The Greatest Pulls of All Time – Topps Holiday Santa Claus

In this week's Greatest Pulls of All Time, we bring you the big guy. Mr. St. Nick himself - Santa Claus.

With Christmas this weekend, there is no better pull to show you than one from the big guy. Mr. St. Nick himself – Santa Claus.


Since 2016, Topps has partnered with Walmart to produce Holiday cards. With holiday-themed decor on each card, the product is all fun. You could find yourself a card of the newest Yankees captain and reigning MVP, Aaron Judge, swinging a candy cane instead of a bat, Mike Trout on ice skates, or Julio Rodriguez wearing a Santa Claus hat. Boxes are very affordable around $25 and have a guaranteed hit per box in the form of a relic or autograph. Each year, those autographs could be from Santa himself!


Restlesscraft Breakers on YouTube mentioned they bought a Holiday box back in 2018 and pulled a ONE OF ONE autograph from Santa Claus. Let’s be real – would you rather pull an autograph from Julio Rodiguez, or Santa? Totally Santa. You can check out the video of this 1/1 Santa auto HERE.


We checked the odds of pulling a Santa autograph from the 2022 Topps Holiday release; they are 1 in 14,060 packs! A 1/1 Santa auto is nice pull. We found a 2022 Santa auto /25 on eBay for $263.23.


Hopefully this pull get you into the Holiday spirit! We wish you the happiest of holidays. 


If you have pulled a Santa auto or relic, let us know! We’d love to see the fun cards from your breaks. Reach out any time here: