The Babes of Card Breaks – HazeyASMR

We're back with the Babes of Card Breaks! This time we look at ASMR superstar HazeyASMR.

If you’ve never heard of ASMR before, you’re in for a double treat today. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) gives you a tingly feeling that comes via triggers. The triggers are often very relaxing and come in forms such as scratching, crinkling sounds, and whispers. Sometimes these triggers are brought to you by a Babe of Card Breaks! This week we introduce you to HazeyASMR!


Hazey gives us all the ASMR feels by ripping products like 2021 Select Football, Optic Football, Optic Basketball, and even Pokémon. Give ASMR a try while you scope out Hazey’s Insta. Here is Hazey ripping 2021 NFL Prizm:

HazeyASMR gives us that Bob Ross feeling; happy clouds everywhere. If you want to follow Hazey, she’s on Instagram and YouTube. Mabe give her a shout and request your favorite product get ripped on the channel!