The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 12.2.22

This week we've got a very special break that includes a Kevin De Bruyne and Lauri Markkanen sports card!

1. 2022 Prizm World Cup Soccer Kevin De Bruyne Blue Shimmer Prizm /5


This 2022 Prizm World Cup FOTL 12-Box FULL Case Break was a whole lot of fun….which of course, is the Goaaaallllll. Prizm is gorgeous, but with World Cup Soccer Fever running all throughout the globe right now, it was even more fun than expected. That’s why when this Blue Shimmer Prizm numbered 3 of 5 of Kevin De Bruyne popped up, the crowd was on its feet! KGB, a Belgian Midfield, was a huge star in a very crowded sky.


2. 2022 Leaf Exotic Georges St-Pierre Auto /10


The brand new 2022 Leaf Exotic features an array of sports celebrities, and seeing GSP in all his (encased) cardboard glory was a blast from the recent past. This was a Steel City Collectibles Milti-Box Personal Break for Medol, and it sure was Exotic. This Auto numbered to 10 of the Canuckle with Knuckles was a real show-stopper.

3. 2022 Bowman Chrome Alexander Ovalles Orange Auto /25


This Blez Sports Cards Bowman Chrome HTA FULL Case Break was awesome! Each Pack comes with 3 cards, in a plastic case, and they are ALL Autos. It’s loaded with 1st Bowman’s, Prospects and Future Stars! It’s almost like the future is in your hands. With that said, this Orange Parallel numbered to 25 really stood out in this Pick Your Team. Bowman Chrome truly is the best of both worlds, Bowman and Chrome!

4. 2022 Wild Card Five Card Draw Football Kennedy Brooks 1/1


Kennedy Brooks plays for the Eagles now, but in this WIld Card Five Card Draw Football set he’s a Sooner……and this 1 of 1 Hit couldn’t have come any Sooner! In the last pack of the Box in this Random Card Break, Wolfe’s Card Breaks pulled this super-sharp looking, chromed out card. This high-end Wild Card product comes already encased, and it looked just perfect as they showed it off to the camera.

5. 2021-22 National Treasures Basketball Lauri Markkanen Logoman Auto 1/1


Utah’s favorite Fininish Giant, Lauri Markkanen, graced this Logoman Auto 1 of 1. He’s in a Bulls uniform on the card, but it’s a beauty. Packman pulled from the bottom first, which he rarely does, and saw that it was a Logoman. The excitement was palpable. A disappointment? I think not. A 1 of 1, Logoman, Auto can NEVER be a disappointment.