Celebrity Breaks – NFL Linebacker Blake Martinez

We're back with Celebrity Breaks. This time we look at former NFL Linebacker Blake Martinez and his historic card sale!

Blake Martinez was an inside Linebacker for the Las Vegas Raiders until he abruptly retired from the NFL two weeks ago. His announcement came a week after selling a rare Pokémon card for a cool $672,000! “Future passions” was one of the reasons Martinez posted for his departure from the game he spent seven years playing professionally in. Are card breaks one of those passions? We think so!


Martinez has his personal IG account you just checked out but he also has an account called Blakes.Breaks. The life of an NFL player is pretty hectic so it makes sense there have been few posts on the IG account but Martinez posted five days ago about selling mystery packs on Whatnot. As you may have guessed, he’s all about Pokémon! The card Martinez sold for over 600 grand was a 1998 Holofoil Illustrator Pikachu. Back in September Martinez posted a break with a 1st edition Base Set German box.


After a little more digging, this site lists Blake’s contract in 2022 at $311,110 so flipping a card for twice the salary probably gave him the boost he needed to hang up the shoulder pads and come join the hobby you and I love. Keep an eye out on Blake’s IG for the next break and perhaps you’ll be in a break with an NFL vet! Maybe Blake invites his former teammates into the break, you get to chatting, things go crazy and on Thursday you wind up having Thanksgiving dinner with Derek Carr. Stranger things have happened, right? Let us know how the turkey tastes.