Celebrity Breaks – Mike Trout

We're back with Celebrity Breaks. This time we look at Angel's future Hall of Famer, Mike Trout, showing off his six favorite cards!

Perhaps the baseball player of our generation (and maybe several generations), is also BIG into the hobby. Angels future Hall of Famer, Mike Trout, is ready to show off his six favorite cards – and they’re MONSTERS.


“If the card looks cool to me, I want it.” Trout gets it. The three-time MVP sat down with PSA to reveal the six favorite cards of himself. The first card we see is the iconic 2011 Topps Update rookie. Trout signed the card and PSA added a special label for him, designating the card “Trout Family Collection.” We heard Trout say he started to collect cards of his own to give to his son, Beckham. Next up in Trout’s collection is from 2017 Topps Opening Day and features his wife and dog. A card that isn’t worth a ton of value but is special for him – LOVE to hear this. Mike Trout could probably buy several T206 Honus Wanger cards but he cherishes a card with the wife and dog. See what else is in Trout’s top six:


Imagine being the kid that pulled the 2022 Topps Definitive 1/1 and having Mike Trout trade cards with you. Trout gave advice to other players to start collecting their own cards. Who knows – maybe Mike Trout or Bobby Witt Jr will reach out to you someday for a trade for a card you pulled in a break! Big question :What would you ask for in return?