Celebrity Breaks – Mark Wahlberg & Sons

We're back with Celebrity Breaks. This time we look at how Mark Wahlberg and his sons started breaking packs.

Mark Wahlberg has his hands in nearly everything. From Wahlburgers restaurants to Municpal clothing, the A-List actor (and former rapper if you’re our age) is also enjoying the hobby you love! The best thing about Mark loving sports cards is that he’s sharing the fun with his sons, Brandon and Sebby.


Mark’s sons have their own sports card Instagram account called The Card Boyz, and they’ve been in the hobby for a while. The Boyz first came onto the scene with an IG post on July 31st, 2020. Perhaps the Wahlbergs got heavy into collection during the Covid Pandemic like many collectors did. There was a time when we could not leave our houses and sporting events were paused. When The Last Dance dropped on Netflix in 2020 we dug out our old binders of cards and remembered collecting in the 1990’s to give us entertainment during a tough time. We then dove head first back into collecting and  loved ripping packs of new products to search for Zion rookie cards. The first post The Card Boyz made on IG featured four Zion rookies. Whether the Boyz picked up the Hobby in 2020 or Mark has been a long-time collector and brought his sons into the card world remains a mystery but we’re happy to see the family breaking packs and enjoying the hits today.


Here you can see father and sons rip into National Treasures football. Mark is hyped to pull one of his favorite Patriots players. Tom is a HUGE Pats fan and was even on the field after the Super Bowl with Tom Brady (yeah, Mark is THAT kind of A-List). 


Here are some great hits The Card Boyz pulled:

Keep an eye out the next time you’re at a card shop; you might run into the Wahlbergs! Hopefully the family starts their own breaks – imagine Marky Mark pulling your cards.