Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 10.24.22

The top breaks to buy into next week are here. This week we bring you some of the best deals and chances to score big on cards from across the sports world.
Photo Credit: Filthbomb Breaks

1. 2022 Topps Archives MLB 30 Hobby Box 3 Full Case Break – Pick Your Player – A2946

Price: Starting at $1.00


Extremely rare and exciting opportunity brought to you only by Filthbomb Breaks. For as little as $1, you can pick your favorite Player(s) and get in on a 2022 Topps Archives MLB 30-Hobby Box Case Break! There’s no Cut-Off Man here, no Teams to Pick, you go right for your favorite MLB Star in this affordable Break. Pick Your Player HERE

Photo Credit: Blez Sports Cards

2. 2018-2019 Panini Prizm Basketball Hobby Box

Price: $3,699.00

Blez Sports Cards is offering a very special price on a very special Prizm Basketball Box. There are 2 autographs and 22 Prizms per Box (on average), and you’re looking for Lukas! His Rookie year, cards from this set are already going for thousands, and rising! Get Luka Lucky with Blez Sports Cards HERE