The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 10.7.22

This week we've got a very special break that includes a Pete Alonso Patch Auto /50!

1. Topps Definitive Pete Alonso Patch Auto /50

Watching Jaspy’s Hit Parade Breaks are always a pleasure to watch…..they are literally a nonstop parade of hits, so we do appreciate the apt naming. This particular piece of cardboard artwork was a Pete Alonso from Topps’ Definitive collection and not only was it a Patch Auto, but the Patch was a perfect Mets Pinstripe. Very cool and numbered 18 of 50.

2. 2021-22 Panini Mosaic Emiliano Martinez Auto

Known as Martininho by his teammates, Emiliano Martínez is a goalkeeper for the Premier League club Aston Villa and the Argentina national team, if you are unfamiliar. This was a Random Team so this prismatic Auto was definitely a Keeper, and the Road to FIFA cards are certainly a hot commodity and made for a fun Layton Sports Cards Break!

3. 2021 Panini Elements Jerry Jeudy Electric Patch /10

Panini Elements are a really cool, high-end set….so high-end in fact, each card has a protective covering on them. Which is good, because this Jerry Jeudy Electric Patch numbered to 10 is some serious high voltage! This was a part of a 4-Box Personal featuring 2 Boxes of Elements Football and 2 Boxes of Chronicles Basketball, all for Justin H.

4. 1979 Topps Ozzie Smith Rookie

When Charlie G of Vintage Breaks broke a wax pack of 1979 Topps Baseball cards his wish was to pull the coveted Ozzie Smith Rookie within the set. The Wizard made his wish come true. By far the most valuable card in this set, the image itself is reaching iconic status not only because it’s sought after, but also because of those killer sideburns. This particular card is centered near perfect and should grade high, a stellar pull by VB West.