The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 9.30.22

We've got a very special break that includes a signed Dennis Rodman jersey!

1. 2022 Luminance Christian Emeka Okoye and Clyde Edwards-Helaire Reflected Materials /10

Running Backs of a feather, run together. So is the case with this Dual Patch featuring The Nigerian Nightmare and Chiefs’ 2020 First Round Pick Edwards-Helaire. Past and Present come together brilliantly on this Luminance card. Numbered to 10, this Pick Your Team offered double trouble with these multi-colored Patches with 2 of Kansas City’s finest.

2. 2022 Select UFC Matt Hughes Auto

Gosh we love the Platinum Breaks Randomizer/Dice Dome. After a quick spin, it was time to Break this 2022 Select UFC Hobby Box. First card in the first pack was a knockout! More like a first round knockout, which the UFC Hall of Famer is no stranger to. This living legend is still regarded as one of the best Welterweights in UFC history, and this card is nothing short of a TKO!

3. Tristar Hidden Treasures Autographed Basketball Jersey Dennis Rodman

First rip from a new case and Gotham Card Breaks hits a 5x Champion and perhaps the greatest defender to ever step onto the court. An Autographed “Worm” Jersey with the Auto written along the 1 in his number (He wore #91 for the Bulls). 5 Boxes per Case and with Dealer’s Choice, Gotham went right down the middle with the 3rd Box, of course.