The Babes of Card Breaks – Rainessa ASMR

We're back with the Babes of Card Breaks! Rainessa ASMR is one of the biggest up incoming ASMR Channels on Youtube!

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a tingling sensation that can calm you and give you a sense of relaxation. ASMR has “triggers” and one of those is soft whispering. That is what Rainessa ASMR is doing in her YouTube videos. When the significant other asks why you’re reading The Babes of Card Breaks today, you can say “just relaxing to ASMR.” 

Rainessa ASMR opens up Pokémon products while doing her ASMR. Some of the products you can watch her open are Lost Origin (Triple Blister pack),  Vivid Voltage packs, Astral Radiance packs, and shows off her collection.


You can follow Rainessa ASMR to check out Pokémon products or get your ASMR on during a hectic day on her YouTube account and IG. She’s very popular on YouTube; the video of her Pokémon has 70,000 views! Maybe you’ll see one of Rainessa’s pulls on our Pulls of the Week soon.