Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 9.19.22

The top breaks to buy into next week are here. We've got a set that is loaded with rookies, auto, and one memorabilia card in every box.
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1. 2022 Immaculate Baseball Full Case Break

Immaculate is just an awesome set. We know they are loaded with Patches and Autos, as well as Rookie Patch Autos. However, if you didn’t know, they have a number of different Autograph offerings, including on-card, acetate, and even eyeblack Autos! A full Case for Immaculate consists of 8 Boxes, and this Pick Your Team is priced just right. Be a part of the immaculation HERE.

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2. 2022 Panini NXT WWE Wrestling Hobby Box

WHO’S NEXT? You are! With this NXT Debut offering from WWE and Panini. All your favorite rising stars, and some that have already risen. This set is loaded with Rookies, but you’ll also get 1 Auto AND 1 Memorabilia card in every Box. Cards Infinity has them and you can be NXT HERE.

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3. 2021-22 Panini Prizm and Optic Basketball Box Break

30 Spots total, you can get your Random Team and be a part of a Group Break that can only be brought to you by Clubhouse Breaks. These are 2 of the finest Basketball sets on the market, and 2 of our favorites. Clubhouse calls this their Nasty Break, and for good reason….you can pull some real Nasty Hits out of these 2 Boxes. Get Nasty HERE.