The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 9.5.22

We've got the best pulls of last week! Blacktie Breaks pulled a 2021 Donruss Optic Football.

1. Chris Durate 2021-22 Optic Orange Rookie /199

The Pacers have been a thorn in the side of the entire Eastern Conference since as long as I can remember. Well, every rose has it’s thorn, and in this case, the rose was an Orange Rated Rookie of the future star Chris Duarte. The citrus-colored Optic card was numbered out of 199 and went to Ron with the Pacers in this Blez Sports Cards Double Hobby Box Pick Your Team.

2. Najee Harris 2021 Optic Downtown 

The only thing better than Downtown is a ROOKIE Harris Downtown card from 2021 Optic Football. And that’s exactly what the Rookie Break, Matt, pulled from this Blacktie Breaks Optic Break. Harris had an impressive Rookie season last year and if you were fortunate enough to draft him on your Fantasy Football Team, you’re hoping he has another one. The Prizmatic look of the Downtown card is a stunner, just like Harris was back in Alabama.

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3. Tyreek Hill Autographed Mini Helmet 

We love Min Helmets, they are so detailed, sometimes they look better than the full-sized real thing….and they are much easier to display. We also love Division Breaks, because they give participants a big chunk of the league and more of a chance to go home with a prize. This Tyreek Hill Mini Helmet stood out in this 12-Box Case Break because it features his Auto on a Dolphins Helmet for the first time. Tua and the Dolphins plan on utilizing his talents this season in the AFC East, just like Steel City Collectibles did in this Break.

4. 2016 National Treasures Friends and Foe Quad Relic Ezekiel Elliott and Michael Thomas /99

This 2016 National Treasures Friends and Foe Quad Relic Ezekiel Elliott and Michael Thomas /99 Break was Random. Random Year (2016), Random Team Break, and lastly, Jaspy’s used a Randomizer to determine the winner of this Friends and Foes Quad Relic featuring Zeke and Michael Thomas numbered to 99. It featured both of them in their glory days back at Ohio State, as well as their 2016 teams, Dallas and New Orleans. A Randomized winner was chosen, Randomly.

5. 2021-22 Recon Rajon Rondo Auto /75

Rondo has been a bit of a Journeyman these past few years as he enters the twilight of his, quite illustrious, career. Since leaving LA again in 2021, he’s been in Cleveland, where they’ve been using his talents to help give their young team some guidance. We must admit, it was unusual seeing him in a Cavs Jersey on this card, but his crystal clear Auto made it all better. Numbered to 75, this Auto was a pleasant surprise in the Courtside Collectibles Pick Your Team.