Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 9.5.22

We've got the top breaks to buy into this week. We've got a 2020-21 Upper Deck Clearly Cut Box Box/Pack/Card that is literally priceless.
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1. 2022 Topps Stadium Club Members Only: Derek Jeter Hobby Case Break

Derek Jeter had a storied career, we don’t think it’s necessary to go through all details and championships. This “Captain” based set by Stadium Club has a 40-Base Card set and is loaded with as many Hits as Jeet himself during a Double Header. We’ll be looking for the Steal Sign with Autos, Golds and Members Only Cards too. Get a piece of DJ and Yankees History HERE.

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2. 2020-21 Upper Deck Clear Cut Hockey Hobby Box

This 2020-21 Upper Deck Clearly Cut Box Box/Pack/Card is literally priceless. Just like when you go to the classy seafood restaurant and they charge “Market Price”, it comes down to the Market. Cards Infinity may be playing this one close to the chest, but it’s only because this product is so in demand. Every card is a Hard-Signed Auto card in a factory sealed One-Touch. See what the Market will bear HERE.

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3. 2021-22 Topps Tier One Bundesliga Soccer Case Break

Clubhouse Breaks is known for their unique and exclusive Breaks. Well, this Topps Tier One Soccer Bundesliga edition Case Break is no exception. It’s a Random Team so you can throw your hat in the ring with the best of them. As we know, Topps Tier One has Random Hits and Inserts that can make any Team into a winner. Kick Off your Bundesliga collection HERE.