Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 8.29.22

We've got the top breaks to buy into this week. Garbage Pail Kids are back, and they've got the Topps Chrome treatment.
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1. 2020-21 Panini Prizm Fast Break Basketball Box

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines a Fast Break as: A quick offensive drive in Basketball that is an attempt to score before the opponent’s defense is set up. Well played Panini. These Panini Fast Break cards feature the top Rooks from the 2020-21 Draft Class. Look for popular Fast Break Exclusive Rookie Variation cards HERE.

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2. 2021 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Chrome Hobby Box

Garbage Pail Kids are back, and they’ve got the Topps Chrome treatment. After a decades-long slumber, it’s safe to say The Kids have made a comeback! This set has all the Chromed-out Base Cards we know and love, and Cards Infinity has them by the Boxload. There are a slew of Parallels, as well as rare C-Name Variations, with the big Hits being actual GBK Sketch Cards. Don’t be a Sloppy Steve and get your Chrome Garbage Pail Kids HERE.

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3. 2022 Topps Diamond Icons Baseball Hobby Case Break

Topps’ 2022 Diamond Icons is a certified Hit. Speaking of Hits, this 4-Box Full Case Break will be full of Hits from this high-end Hit-bearing set. Chase Cut and Monster Autos, Rare Diamond Gems, and lots more. The best part is, if you go Hitless, Layton Sports Cards will give you a 2022 Archives Signature Series Retired Player Edition Box on Topps’ behalf! Get in on this hot 4-Box Break HERE.

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4. 2021-22 Hit Parade Autographed Basketball Jersey.

This Dave and Adam’s Card World Jersey Break is the 13th in a series of 100, all in hand-numbered boxes. Chases in this series are MJ, Giannis and Jayson Tatum. However, even the non-Hits are still Hits in this Parade of Hits, AI, Larry Legend and Magic are also possible pops in this ongoing Break numbered to 100. Get your Jersey on HERE.