The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 8.15.22

We've got the best pulls of last week! We've got a Franz Wagner Base Card that could very well have been the first 2021-22 Obsidian card EVER pulled on Camera.

1. Rickey Henderson 2022 Diamond Icons 1 of 1 Patch Auto 

Rickey Henderson stole a lot of bases (1,406), and our hearts, during his 24 Season Career. This Game Used Patch Auto was there, at some point. It was a 1 of 1, which makes it as cool as Rickey looks in his picture on the card, rocking the shades with a perfect Mean Mug right at the camera. This Wolfe’s Card Breaks Pick your Team of 2022 Diamond Icons was truly one for ALL ages.

2. 2021-22 Obsidian Franz Wagner Rookie

If you want to talk about Exclusivity, you’ve got to talk about Hitman Rips. This was an Obsidian First Off the Line Pre-Release Release Day Break! This Franz Wagner Base Card could very well have been the first 2021-22 Obsidian card EVER pulled on Camera. Ja was the 2nd. The new Obsidian cards surely live up to their predecessors, the thick, chromed stock has a sharp, etched background design. The first of many Obsidian 2021-22 Basketball Breaks, and Hitman Rips ripped it.

3. Anthony Edwards 2021-22 Panini Prizm Prizmatic /25

This Ant-Man pop was for Junfu, a player that got just what he wanted in this Courtside Collectibles Pick Your Team Break. The Prizmatic numbered to 25 has a slick design, and although we love Prizm sets, this insert is a delightful variation of the card layout we’ve grown to love. Courtside Collectibles pulled this and some other beauties in this 2-Box Break.

4. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson 2022 Leaf Metal Pop Century Star Studded Swatches /25

You don’t wanna smell what The Rock is cooking with this Denim Dwayne Johnson Star Studded Swatch. The new 2022 Leaf Pop Metal is a really fun set, and although The Rock isn’t known for having an affinity for Denim, that might just make this card even cooler. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF THE ROCK WEARS DENIM, but this Relic card numbered to 25 definitely mattered in this 2-Box Leaf Break that also included a Box of 2022 Pro Set Sports.