The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 8.1.22

We've got the best pulls of last week! The 2022 Topps Tier One is HOT!

1. Peyton Manning /18 Auto NATIONAL Exclusive Silver Pack

The National was a Blast! An estimated 100,000 Attendees all enjoying the Exclusive sights, celebs, and of course collectibles that only The National can provide. It also produced some Exclusive Cards! You may have seen these packs floating around the show, they were for attendees and part of Topps’ Wrapper Redemption program. Of the 10 Silver Packs that Card Collector 2 had, this 5 of 18 Private Signing Peyton certainly stole the show.

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2. 1952 Topps Bowman Joe Astroth

This was the Show Stopper folks. Vintage Breaks closed The National down with perhaps the most epic Break one can imagine: a 1952 Bowman Wax Pack.

Joe Astroth is being named as the Hit of the Pack because VB did a Random to determine who was going to get the first pack in the card FREE. The reason is because the gum in the pack does such damage to the 1st card in the pack, VB won’t auction it off. The cards that followed in the Break were a Walt Dropo, Preacher Roe, Bob Avila, Bobby Adams went to Jeff from Sports Card Investor who was there Breaking LIVE with Leighton, and the last card in the Pack was a Saul Rogovin for Samuel Frank, whom had 2/5 Spots in this momentous Break.

3. 2021 Optic Mac Jones Gridiron Kings Rookie Auto /25

Mac Jones just can’t wait to be King, and this Gridiron Kings Rookie Auto to 25 could be worth a King’s ransom. We’re not sure how a Rookie can be King, but we’ll go with it. I mean, wouldn’t a Rookie be a Prince, or perhaps a Squire? We’ll play along Panini, just because this card truly is remarkable. It was a Random Team so New England took this crown jewel.

4. 2022 Topps Tier One Brooks Robinson Auto

2022 Topps Tier One is HOT! This high-end Topps offering makes Base Cards look like Hits. Lots of old school players and Hits in this set, and we happen to love the Clear One sub series. It’s cool enough getting an Autograph of one of the greatest Orioles to ever step onto the Diamond, but it’s even cooler to have a see-thru, on-card Auto! Nestor got the Case Hit in this Jaspy’s Pick Your Team.