2022 Topps International Trading Card Day is August 6th

International Trading Card Day is celebrated on August 6th. Check out how you can get a free pack of cards!

On August 6th you can celebrate International Trading Card Day. Topps is expanding their promotion of giving away a free pack of baseball cards to now include other sports, too. Read how you can snag a free pack of cards this week! 

FREE cards? Yep! That’s not something you hear when looking for card breaks to buy into or packs to purchase. Topps has provided collectors like you and I with a Holiday every Summer with National Baseball Card Day. This year, Topps is expanding on that to include not just baseball packs and now are going to offer UEFA (soccer) and Garbage Pail Kids cards! Talk about a trip down memory lane. Remember opening GPK and placing them all over your sticker books in the mid-1980’s?

Topps is sending your local card shops boxes that contain 30 baseball packs, 13 soccer packs, and 7 Garbage Pail Kids packs. All you need to do is go to the shop and ask for the free pack.Once your shop is out, they’re out! Make sure to get your pack while supplies last.

WHEN: Saturday, August 6th

WHERE: You can see all details for participating shops HERE.

There are two BONUS cards you can land aside from the free five-card packs. If you spend $10 or more on qualifying products at your LCS Saturday, you receive the first bonus card. The following weeknd on August 13th is the same deal; spend that $10 and get a second bonus card. You still receive your FREE pack of five cards for visiting the shop on August 6th, these are just two bonus promotions that Topps will offer. The special card on August 6th will be Shohei Ohtani and on August 13th you can take home a Wander Franco.

What a wonderful way to get kids into the hobby, help bring traffic to your favorite card shop, and add to your personal collection if you are looking for a unique card of your favorite player (adults can get a free pack, too!). Let us know if you pull anything hot in your packs! Maybe you’ll end up on Pulls of the Week here at Card Breaks.


Photo Credit: Topps.com