Greatest Pulls of All Time – Mike Trout 1/1 Gold Patch Auto

In this week's Greatest Pulls of All Time, we have a Mike Trout 1/1 Gold Patch Auto.

Mike Trout has recently gotten into card collecting. If the Angel’s superstar is looking for a monster of a card, he may want to hit up the customer that pulled this banger from Vintage Breaks: a 1/1 patch auto from Topps Dynasty! 


A ten-time all-star with three MVP awards, Mike Trout will finish his career as one of the greatest players in the history of MLB. Naturally his baseball cards are highly sought after in the hobby. If Trout wants to stash a few cards away for his son, THIS would be a nice addition. Vintage Breaks offered spots in their card breaks for a box of 2021 Topps Dynasty. A high-end product with 1 card per box, each card features either an on-card auto or a cut auto, limited to ten or fewer. While product is high-end, you could end up pulling names such as

Nate Pearson, Nick Madrigal, and Austin Meadows. If you’re collecting for your PC, those pulls are great! However, at the retail box price of around $900, you probably want to pull a bigger name. That’s what Vintage Breaks did with the Trout, and their breaker, S10, knew he hit a big one.