Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 7.18.22

Check out the top breaks for next week! Here's your opportunity to get your hands on one of the most anticipated NBA releases of the year, National Treasures.
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1. 2021/22 National Treasures NBA Case Break

40 Cards per case in this 4-Box Mojo Break Pick Your Team. That’s a lot of opportunity to get your hand on one of the most anticipated NBA releases of the year, National Treasures. As always, NT is loaded with a variety of Autograph and Memorabilia. This year the set contains 4 Autos, 4 Memorabilia, 1 Printing Plate, and 1 Base or Base Parallel in EVERY Box! Truly a special set that will be sure to be Treasured for generations to come. This Break will commence on the NT Release Day on 7/20. Get in now HERE.

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2. 2022 Topps Pristine Baseball Hobby Box

Pristine indeed. This 2022 Topps Pristine Baseball Box is one of a slew of new sets coming out for this glorious 2022 MLB Season. It also contains 2 On-Card Autographs, 1 Autograph Relic, 10 Base Card Refractors and 5 Insert Cards in every Box! Not to mention 1 Refractor per Pack. Some of our favorite inserts include the exclusive Pristine Borders, Pure Power and Fresh Faces, to name a few. Be a part of Dave & Adam’s Card World HERE.

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3. 2020-21 Panini Prizm White Sparkle Soccer Pack

These cards are AWESOME. A whole pack of just White Sparkle brought to you by none other than Blacktie Breaks. The opportunity to hit any of your favorite Footballers in one of the most incredible looking Parallels, guaranteed! It’s got all your favorite Hits, but Whiter and Sparklier! Where do I sign up you must be asking? Great question, right HERE.