The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 7.4.22

We've got the best pulls of last week! Jaspy's Case Breaks pulled a Triple Relic numbered to 99.

1.Conner Shaw, Jadeveon Clowney and Mike Davis National Treasures Triple Relic

Jaspy’s Case Breaks rocked out with their Gamecocks out when they pulled this Triple Relic numbered to 99. Three of South Carolina’s finest, circa the mid-2010’s, on one card.  It was a 1-Box Break so the Hits came hard and fast in this Random Number Break. The Multi-Sport set from 2015 isn’t considered vintage, but seeing Shaw, Clowney, Davis and the SC Garnet really took us back.

2. Jabril Cox Rookie Ticket Auto

“Someone give me a Banger Box baby” exclaimed the Platinum Breaks Breaker, as he spun his fun dice machine (Which we love by the way). His request was obliged. Cam B. got the Jabril Cox Rookie Ticket Auto from the 2021 Contenders Optic Box. It wasn’t the kindest Contenders box, but it wasn’t the stingiest either. We do expect a lot from the young Linebacker out of LSU, and predict his cards will only increase in demand.

3. Amanda Nunes Select Gold /10

The Baddest Gal on the Planet was one of the Bestest hits of this 1/2 Case Random Fighter. We love UFC Random FIghter Breaks because when you get a popular fighter like Amanda Nunes and her card hits, you win twice! Clubhouse was working their way up the ranks with Hits when they popped this Gold Nunes numbered 9 out of 10. Select is a great set and the Inserts and Autos were plenty.

4. Conner Wong Chrome Rookie Auto

Them’s the Breaks….after some confusion, this Redemption revealed itself. The confusion was, there was no Auto in the Box! Nothing that a quick thinking Breaker couldn’t fix. After going through nearly the entire Box, he found this Chrome Rookie Auto of Conner Wong hiding behind another card. We have to give credit to Bowman’s card stock for the problem, and Coffee Breakers for the solution.

5. Franz Wagner Court Kings Auto /199

There was Magic in the air with this Blez Sports Cards Pick Your Team. The Magic’s Franz Wagner was just one of the many Autos pulled from the Auto-Heavy Court Kings set. The Heir Apparent subset pull was numbered to 199 and in addition to being a good looking card, it has that even more beautiful RC Shield emblazoned in the top right corner.