Greatest Pulls of All Time – Mac Jones Flawless Shield Auto

In this week's Greatest Pulls of All Time, we feature a Mac Jones Flawless Shield Auto.

While this card is absolute FIRE, we’re what’s more incredible here – the pull or the reaction. Mojobreak opened up 2021 Panini Flawless football cards. The product just dropped on June 15th and on release day, they’ve already done their Vince Carter impersonation stating “it’s over!”


Flawless is a very high-end product from Panini. The cards come locked in a briefcase that contains 1 pack of 10 cards. There are 6 autographs, 2 or 3 memorabilia cards, and 1 or 2 gem cards. In the gem cards are actual, real diamonds – hence, Flawless. The biggest card of the product is of Patriots rookie QB, Mac Jones. The Shield Autograph 1 of 1 card. On release day, Mojo pulled the Mac! This reaction, though.

What is the value on such a card? For comparison, a Joe Burrow Flawless RPA (rookie patch auto) sold for $32,500 and there are 15 of those cards. A Russel Wilson shield auto from 2017 is available at $15,000. Even if Mac Jones falls in between around $20,000, that’s certainly one of the Greatest Pulls of All-Time even without the reaction. We’ll be honest; we would have ran around the office like that, too.


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