The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 6.13.22

It was a fantastic week for pulls! We've got a Flawless Mac Jones and a full case of 2021 Obsidian Football, a collectors favorite, consisting of 12 boxes.

1. 2021 Panini Obsidian Joe Burrow Color Blast

A Full Case of 2021 Obsidian Football, a Collector’s favorite, consists of 12 Boxes. In this case, this Full Case was FULL! Full of great hits and gorgeous cards. One of the most coveted, and in our opinion sharpest looking cards pulled during this Layton Sports Cards Break was this Joe Shiesty Color Blast. Burrow and the NFL are going to be getting back on the field before we know it, better to stock up now! 

2. 2022 Topps Tribute Baseball Ken Griffey Jr. Sold Gold Greats Auto /50

This is not the greatest set in the world, this is just Topps Tribute. With ink still fresh, Clubhouse Breaks popped open a 1/2 Case (3 Boxes) of the NEW 2022 Topps Tribute Baseball. The Base Cards are a sight to behold, but the hits kept coming with Patches and Autos being ripped. In this Pick Your Team, however, The Mariners were the beneficiary of this throwback Tribute to The Kid. There were a lot of winners and very few losers. One of many of the fresh sets Topps is pumping out early this season, we wanted to make sure it got a spot in our Pulls of the Week.

3. 2021-22 Topps Chrome Champions League Soccer Phil Foden Orange Refractor /125

Our friends at Coffee Breakers had a whole lot of 2021-22 Chrome Champions League Boxes as part of last Thursday’s Break-a-thon. Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, it was an all sport, and all day event. This Phil Foden card, a midfielder for Manchester City as well as England’s National Team, was numbered to 125. It was an Orange Refractor that not only looked good, but featured a bonafide Footballer.

4. 2021-22 Panini Noir Larry Bird Auto

Immediately after Jaspy’s Case Breaks hit a Rui Hachimura Sneaker Spotlight Redemption, they hit a Larry Bird Spotlight Signature. Larry Legends’ signature was in bold, Gold ink and the card is numbered to 49. Jeff, who had the Celtics, walked away with this gem and the other 4 participants in this Pick Your Team had to just sit and watch in awe. Great Break with a lot more hits, as Noir tends to do, but this one stood out amongst them.

5. 2020-21 Upper Deck Stature Hockey Mikey Anderson Auto /199

Break Brett had the privilege of breaking the first of many Upper Deck Stature Hockey Hobby Box Dual Break. There were Dual Boxes for this Dual Random Card, and if you’re familiar with UD Stature Hockey it’s just 1 pack of HITS per box. Steel City Breaks busted open this Rookie Auto, out of 199, of Mikey Anderson, and LA Kings Defensive hopeful. UD Stature is gorgeous and we look forward to seeing more breaks of their high-end product.

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