Top breaks to buy into 6.13.22

Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 6.13.22

The top breaks to buy into next week are here! We have a Bowman Hobby baseball box break. This 3 box break is stacked with Chrome inserts, Autos, and our favorite 1st Bowman's.
Photo Credit: Just Baseball

1. 2022 Bowman Hobby Baseball Triple Box Break | Blez Sports Cards
| $12.00 – $129.00

This is a 3 Box Break of 2022 Bowman Baseball Hobby and a chance to Pick Your Team. Bowman is stacked with Chrome inserts, Autos, and our favorite, 1st Bowman’s (Chromed out preferably). Topps first started using the 1st Bowman designation in 1996 and continued to use it in 1997, but for some reason did not use that identifier from 1998-2002. In those years only a “Rookie card” identifier was used. Whatever their reason, Blez Sports Cards has all your 2022 Bowman Break HERE

Photo Credit: Ripping Vintage Packs

2. 1979 Topps Baseball Cello Box | Ripping Vintage Packs | $2,850.00

This Box Break of 1979 Topps is the Break of a lifetime….even longer for some! This Pre-Generation X set holds the coveted Ozzie Smith Rookie, you know, the one with those awesome sideburns with the iconic 70’s Padres Uniform. There are other hits in this set, being over 40 years old it is loaded with Hall of Famers. The Ozzie Rookie goes for well into the 5 Figures and sometimes even 6! Get in on the Old School action with Ripping Vintage Packs HERE

2019 Panini Impeccable Basketball Box 9 Spot Random Card
Photo Credit: Vintage Breaks

3. 2019 Panini Impeccable Basketball Box | Vintage Breaks | $595.00


Vintage Breaks is going to rip Impeccable Basketball, the set where EVERY Auto is an On-Card. This set also features the return of the super-rare and sought-after 1/2 Troy Ounce Gold and one Ounce Silver Bar cards that have been making the rounds on Social Media. Out of the 9 cards in the Box you’ll find 5 Autos and a Blind-Wrapped Silver Logo, Gold Logo, Stainless Stars or Stainless Stars Auto. We love Impeccable, if you love Impeccable too click HERE

Photo Credit: Mojo Break

4. 2022 Absolute Baseball 5-Box Break | Mojo Break | $29.99

Absolute Baseball will corrupt this Break absolutely….and that’s a good thing!

This 5-Box Random Team Mojo Break of Absolute, a set that consists of the perfect blend of nostalgic and modern day superstars, will also feature a Bonus Spot given away at random for the first 15 to purchase. Absolute features Autos from this strong 2202 Rookie Class on multiple materials like wood in and baseball skins. Collectors will also be chasing the Spectrum Black and Printing Plates in this set, both 1/1. Get 2 Autos and 2 Memorabilia cards x5 HERE

Grand Slammer
Photo Credit: Clubhouse Breaks

5. Grand Slammer | Clubhouse Breaks | $53.00

The bases are loaded with this Grand Slammer Special Event from Clubhouse Breaks. They will be Breaking some of the newest and hottest Baseball Boxes on the market. 2022 Bowman 1st Edition, 2021 Topps Chrome Sapphire Update, 2021 Topps Chrome JUMBO, 2021 Panini Mosaic Choice, 2022 Topps Series 1 and 2022 Donruss. Plus, and this is the best part, 1 winner from this Random Team Break will be selected to receive a FREE spot in Clubhouses’ upcoming Prizm Football Hobby 2-Box. Some of the best products on the market are going to be open HERE