Best Pulls of the Week 6.6.2022

The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 6.6.22

It was a great week for pulls! Mac Jones Black Finite Prizm find and some WWE Revolution Edge /199

1.2021 Panini Prizm 1 of 1 Black Finite Prizm Mac Jones | Stones Sports Cards

The Mac Daddy of them all. The Release Day Hit heard round the world! If you don’t know by now, THE Mac Jones card from the 2021 Prizm set was hit last week. The 1 of 1 Black Finite Prizm True Rookie was popped by 13-year old Johnny Stone with Stone Sports Cards out of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Johnny had offers immediately from other collectors to buy the card after his video went mega-viral. Over the weekend, he sold it for $100,000 in cash to a private collector in Michigan. Since then, the card has been sold again for $175,000. Good job, kid.

2.2021 Panini Limited Trey Lance Jumbo Rookie Patch | Matt’s Dugout

During a NFL Mixer including Prizm, Phoenix, One, Origins and more, Matt’s Dugout popped this Trey Lance Jumbo Rookie Patch. No Auto, but there’s so much Patch on this card we don’t even know where they’d put it. The 2-Colored Patch spans across the entire length of the card, which is numbered to 20. The Mixer featured some of the finest sets in the game, this Hit amongst Hits stood out like a thumb sprain.

3. 2022 Panini WWE Revolution Edge /199 | Rhody Breakers

During their Monday Night Breaks broadcast, Rhody Breakers was just teeing off on the hits. NFL Prizm, a Bowman Mixer, Crown Royale NBA, Mosaic Soccer, you name it. However, the (2) Boxes in this Break Fest that stood out for us was the brand spanking new 2022 WWE Revolution: Debut Edition. This set is gorgeous, and this card is being featured not only because Edge is The Man, but because the new Angular variant is a stunner. Numbered to 199, RIchard G. took home this Edge card as well as the entire (Random) Pack.

4. 2021 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Matt Chapman Yellow /50 | The Cardfathers

Bowman Chrome Sapphire is a gorgeous product, and The Cardfathers just love Breaking it! In this Box Break, they pulled 4 Parallels: a Green (/125), Aqua (/99), Orange (/75) and last but DEFINITELY not least was the Yellow (/50). They Pulled them in order from least to most valuable, which was cool. The Yellow card revealed Toronto third baseman Matt Chapman on the sharp looking, prismatic card.

5. 2022 Topps Tribute Baseball 1/2 Case Break | Freddie Freeman | Clubhouse Breaks

Authentic and TRUE Game Used cards are our favorite. In this case it was a GU Relic featuring a ball from Freddie Freeman’s first Major League Hit Game. For a FF Fan there really couldn’t be a better hit. For Max R., the Clubhouse Breaks client, it was a hit in this Pick Your Team Group Break. This Slab-to-be was numbered 10/10 and Braves fans everywhere are drooling.

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