Best Pulls of the Week 5.30.2022

The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 5.30.22

It was a great week for pulls! DACW caught a Peacock! It was during their 20-Box Case Break of 2021 Mosaic Choice.

1. 2021-22 Panini Impeccable Moses Moody Silver Bar

Impeccable has always been loaded with True RPA’s, Patches and Relics of all shapes and sizes. This time, Clubhouse hit pay dirt. They didn’t exactly strike gold, but almost as good, they struck silver! 1 actual Troy ounce of .999 Silver is embedded in the card, and on the card is the 2021 NBA Draft logo just to make this Moses Moody card magnificent. It was a Random Team so Papiseabass walked away with the silver, which was the gold in this case. You know what we mean.

2. 2021 Panini Mosaic Dean Kremer

DACW caught a Peacock! It was during their 20-Box Case Break of 2021 Mosaic Choice. The lucky hunter was Shane K. and the catch was a Dean Kremer Rookie. It was a Random Team Break so the O’s took the trophy for this box. There were 19 more boxes in this break and they did not disappoint, Autos and Rooks were flyin’ as Dave and Adam went on a Case Breaking Safari!

3. 1959 Topps Richie Ashburn & Willie Mays

SAY HEY! Just Rip It pulled a 1959 Topps Willie Mays. This Willie Mays happens to have another Hall of Famer on it: “Putt-Putt”, “The Tilden Flash”, “Whitey”, AKA Philly Legend Richie Ashburn. It was a double hit with Mays, whose name rings bells and Ashburn whose name rings Liberty Bells. Richie Asburn was a Phillies Legend both on and off the field, as a Broadcaster and Philadelphia Icon. Congratulations to Richard I. and BRAVO to Charlie and the gan at JRI for mining another Mays!

4. 2021-22 Panini NBA Court Kings Jaren Jackson Jr.Art Nouveau Patch 

This was a Quadruple J Pull: a Jaren Jackson Jr. Jersey. It was from the Art Nouveau collection of Patch cards from Panini’s Court Kings. Court Kings was only 1 of 4 of the premium boxes in this 4-Hobby Box Panini Mixer. Also included was a Contenders, Origins and Crown Royale Box. This Break was poppin and this 4xJ was a pop for Memphis in this Mojo Team Break.

5. 2019 NBA Panini One Ja Morant Downtown

Every Ja Morant card is considered a hit these days, and every one of his Rookie cards is considered a hit that can help pay the mortgage. Well this wasn’t just any Ja Morant Rookie hit. Blacktie Breaks pulled a Ja Rookie from Panini One’s Downtown subset. The Downtown subset is beautiful featuring 25 of the NBA’s hottest players circa 2019. Downtown cards feature notable landmarks and images from the stars’ home-court city. This card was really sharp, the (Grizzly) Bear in the image looks like he’s taking a bite of Panini’s RC/Rookie logo!

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