Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 6.6.22

The top breaks to buy into next week are here! We have a 1969 Topps Basketball Set that has 99 cards, all gradable between a VG/EX to NM/MT and averages EX-EX/MT to near mint.
Photo Credit: Vintage Breaks

1. 1969 Topps Basketball Complete Set Random Card

There are very few guarantees in life, but this Vintage Breaks Set Break has 2! The first one is, Lew Alcindor cards will always be valuable, and the second is that Set Breaks will always give you what you want! This 1969 Topps Basketball Set has 99 cards, all gradable between a VG/EX to NM/MT and averages EX-EX/MT to Near Mint, with a few outliers. The Kareem (Alcindor) Rookie is graded at a PSA 8 along with 4 other cards in the set have been graded by PSA. There will also be a $1,500 Bonus Credit given away at random after the Break. If you’ve got 99 problems, get 99 solutions HERE.

Photo Credit: The Coffee Breakers

2. 2021 Topps Star Wars Masterworks Box

If a Jedi Master pulls a Jedi Master card from the Masterworks set, does that make him/her a Master Box Master of Jedi Master-Masterworks Master? Nevermind, don’t answer that. The 2021 Star Wars Masterworks set was a big hit with collectors. The set is exclusively issued in a Hobby format and includes 2 Autos per Master Box as well as Sketch, Stamp and Medallion cards. Each Master Hobby Box contains four mini-boxes with two Autos guaranteed and one being hard-signed. Don’t miss your chance to be a Masterworks Master-Masterwith Coffee Breakers HERE.

Photo Credit: Steel City Collectibles

3. 2021-22 Leaf Memories Basketball Hobby Box

Leaf’s powerhouse basketball prospect product featuring the elite 2022 Draftees, a nice selection of 2021 Draft Picks (including the newly added Steph and Giannis to the collection), and an unparalleled selection of the high school basketball products that will dominate the league for the next decade. Get it at Steel City Collectibles and find 7 autographs per box (roughly). This is a short print run and will be gone soon if you don’t click HERE.

Photo Credit: Cards Infinity

4. 2021/22 Bowman University Basketball Hobby Box

The world is yours! Bowman’s University Basketball offering features the best and brightest up-and-comers from all over the world. They can be European, they can be Asian, heck, they can even be Eurasian. In addition to the NCAA’s finest, you’ll get the best prospects on the planet. As per the Bowman U standard, you’ll also get 2 Chrome Autos guaranteed in this Cards Infinity Box Break. Go globetrotting with CI HERE.