The Babes of Card Breaks – Sarah Breaks

We're back with the Babes of Card Breaks! This week we highlight our 2022 Rookie of the Year, Sarah Breaks.

Look out, Babes of Card Breaks, we may have our 2022 Rookie of the Year hitting the site today! New to The Hobby is Sarah Rodgers, but you know her as Sarah Breaks.


Sarah Breaks grew up in Southern California and settled in Riverside County. A foodie, the way to her heart is Mexican food, especially tacos, and said she judges a restaurant based on their chips and salsa. Since she was a kid, Sarah has bled Dodger Blue, but never got into the hobby until about the last year.


When the Covid-era rolled in, Sarah wanted something to do that was more than putting a head into a tablet. Chatting with a friend of hers, she realized people like you and us collect cards.  Being a Dodger fan, she became very intrigued. Having never heard of a Break or having a clue about Whatnot, she dug in!


After about a year in the game with us, Sarah now has a player she loves to PC, but it’s NOT a Dodger! She’s all about Juan Soto. You can’t beat collecting a player that is arguably the best hitter in the game and on track for the HOF. She likes to make the hobby less intimidating and wants you to know there is no wrong of collecting. Whether you want to join breaks and collect to PC a player, team, or set, or you want to invest, you do you. 


You can check out Sarah Breaks’ first podcast interview here. Perhaps you’ll want to follow her on TikTok  and IG. We also did some research (yeah, we’ll call it that – research) on IG to scope out what Sarah has been showing off: