Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 5.23.22

The top breaks to buy into next week are here! We have a INSANE Dual Case featuring an 8-box case of 2022 Topps Sterling and a 6-box case of 2022 Topps Tribute.

1. 2020 Donruss Optic Football Random Team Break

We love Donruss Optic and Blez Breaks has it! The 2020 Football offering was a significant and stunning set, for many reasons. Donruss applied another coat of their Optichrome to this set, it also introduced the My House subset with Black Pandora (/25), Gold (/10) and Gold Vinyl (1/1) variations. The base set is split right down the middle with 100 Vets and 100 Rooks. Get your Random Team from in this hard-to-come-by HERE.

2. 2022 Topps Tribute Baseball 1/2 Case Break

Topps Tribute Baseball is a beautiful set, with some of the cleanest Autos in the game. A 1/2 case contains 3 boxes, and this Pick Your Team gives you a chance to pull all your favorite teammates. Even if you don’t play favorites, Clubhouse Breaks varied the teams in price from $10 (Miami) all the way to $275. Can you guess which team hit the ceiling of $275.00? You guessed it, Wander’s Tampa Bay Rays. Florida Baseball is all over the place….but we knew that. Pick YOUR Team HERE.

3. Monster Dual Case MLB Random Team

INSANE Dual Case featuring an 8-box case of 2022 Topps Sterling and a 6-box case of 2022 Topps Tribute. As far as Case Breaks it doesn’t get much bigger than this. Both Premium sets are packed with RPAs, Memorabilia, Inserts galore, and really they are just great looking cards. There’s only 25 spots in this high-end break, and as always with Layton Sports Cards, all cards ship. High risk, high reward awaits you HERE.

4. 2022 Hit Parade Wheels of Fire Series 2 Hobby Box

The hottest break in town! Only 100 Boxes total, each box contains 4 BRAND NEW Hot Wheels Cars. Big Hits include The Heavyweights Dump Truck Redlines, a 1969 Grand Prix Chaparral 2G Green Redline, Pop Culture Themed Cards and current car models of Ford, Mercedes and Toyota. If this is your first Hot Wheels Break, a “Redline” Hot Wheels car is one that was manufactured within the first ten years of production, 1968 to 1977. The term “redline” comes from the fact that, during that period, the cars were manufactured with a red stripe on the tire. Park it at Dave and Adam’s Card World HERE.