Celebrity Breaks – Blaze Jordan and Michael Carter-Williams

In this installment of Celebrity Breaks, we're featuring Blaze Jordan, a prospect for the Boston Red Sox, and NBA Veteran Michael Carter-Williams

It’s always fun when celebrities are found enjoying card breaks with you. Sometimes a celebrity break is advertised and the breakers allow you to purchase spots in the same break. Other days the celeb sneaks in a break without you knowing. Now we have a breaking company with celebrities running their own breaks!


Appropriately titled “Celebrities and Card Breaks”, this breaking company is co-owned by a pair of breakers you’re familiar with. Blaze Jordan is one of top prospects in the Red Sox organization. After a slow start to the season, Blaze is batting .367 in May over his last 49 at-bats. Blaze can hit BOMBS, too. When he was a kid, and we mean a kid, he smashed a 500-foot home run. Michael Carter-Williams is an NBA vet with over 4,000 career points under his belt and an NBA Rookie of the Year trophy to show off when dinner guests come over. 


What is unique about Celebrities and Card Breaks is the owners are current pro athletes breaking sports cards. We’ve seen other celebrities in the hobby such as Steve Aoki but it would be pretty cool for a current, pro athlete to pull your cards, right? Even better – pull their own card for you in a break. Blaze pulling Blaze?! Blaze and MCW might have the coolest insite when breaking your packs, too. Perhaps a personal story, a scoop from the league, a locker room tale; stuff no other breaker can offer.


Recently, the guys did a “Fenway Park Break” which was 30 boxes of 2021 Bowman baseball each opened by Michael Carter-Williams at Fenway where the Boston Red Sox play. Your cards were opened by an NBA player in a MLB park – just too cool.


You can find the store Celebrities and Card Breaks HERE. The YouTube channel has videos for your viewing pleasure here, and you can tweet the team here. Let us know if a celebrity pulls YOU a monster!