The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 5.9.22

It was a great week for pulls! One of the most expensive cards EVER was pulled last week! Backyard Breaks hit the LeBron James Triple Logoman.

1. 2020-2021 Panini Flawless Basketball Lebron James Triple Logoman

The card that instantly became one of the 25 most expensive cards EVER the moment it was created has been pulled! Backyard Breaks hit the LeBron James Triple Logoman, valued between $3-5M, for 3 of their VERY lucky fans (The card has 3 Lebron Patches, from Cleveland, Miami and LA. The card had all sorts of bounties on it, and offers have been pouring in ever since it was pulled. Mega Hit for the Backyard Breaks crew and the industry itself!

2. 1993 Upper Deck SP Derek Jeter

May the 4th be with you indeed! On May 4th, with the 4th card in the break, Alexander P. hit the card you want from the 1993 Upper Deck SP set. This is a Short Print set so that makes the card an even rarer find. The card is mirrored, gorgeous, and if you look closely, “The Kid from Kalamazoo” looks like he took the picture right after his first shave. This is the oldest card of DJ you’ll probably ever see.

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3. 1996 Upper Deck SBX Baseball Michael Jordan

This hit was part of the DACW 2021-22 Hit Parade G.O.A.T. Jordan Graded Edition, so Graded Jordans were being pulled left and right. This card, however, stood out amongst some wonderful MJ cards, not because it’s almost 30 years old and not because it was slabbed with a 9 Grade. It made our list because it’s awesome. It’s a die-cut Holoview Heroes card and if you turn it in just the right way, you can catch that classic MJ smirk!

4. 2021 Panini Obsidian Football Tylan Wallace RPA

Would be a “Best of” without an RPA now would it? This Ty Wallace RPA is a looker. Pulled during the Coffee Breakers Whatnot stream, the Patch on this card is the signature Ravens Purple and takes up about 2/3 of the entire card. This Obsidian Exclusive was one of the big hits of the box. We’re OBSESSED with Obsidian and this card, numbered 100 of 139, helped us get our fix.

5. 2022 Bowman Baseball Warming Bernabel

Real Breaks Live didn’t waste any time finding the first Auto in their first of an 8 Box Bowman Break. It was a Pick Your Team so the Rockies walked away with that Warming feeling on this one. Bernabel is a bright prospect, and his on-card Auto certainly has the potential to increase in value as years go by. This is his 1st Bowman card and most definitely not his last. We look forward to seeing more from this young Hopeful, and we look forward to seeing more Bowman 2022!