Greatest Pulls of All Time – LeBron James Triple Logoman

In this week's Greatest Pulls of All Time, we feature the hottest card of the year, a LeBron James Triple Logoman.

The hottest card of the year has been pulled! We’re sending our sympathy to Drake as the music mogul was NOT the one to land the highly-coveted Flawless LeBron James Triple Logoman despite spending well into the six-figures chasing this beauty.

Panini Flawless basketball has drawn more attention in recent weeks than any other product has in quite some time. The big hit of Flawless is a LeBron James TRIPLE logoman. If you’re not familiar with Flawless, the cards come in a briefcase containing 10 total cards. Each case has retailed for about $15,000! Of the ten cards, eight are autographed, one is a memorabilia card, and one is a gem card such as a diamond (hence the title Flawless). A “logoman” card is a memorabilia card with the logo of a player’s jersey as the patch. The logoman cards are one of one inserts and we all want one! This year, Panini decided to make a “triple” logoman card for LeBron James – a logoman patch from each of the teams he has played for: Cavaliers, Heat, and Lakers. Drake has chased the card but so have many collectors. Why? The value.The value of the LeBron James triple loogman card will be in the 3 to 5 million dollar range. The 2018 rookie card logoman of Luka Doncic sold for 4.8 million dollars in early 2021! The hunt for the card got so massive that Whatnot put a bounty on the card – a Lamborghini. Yes, Whatnot straight up put a Lambo out as a bount. After just about everyone in the hobby came up empty, the LeBron was hit!

The pull was made by Backyard Breaks. The breakers aren’t without controversy, though. Earlier in the year, the team gave away a free box and offered to send the cards out to a random follower they selected. After pulling a card valued around $20,000, the team changed their minds and said they could NOT give away the card. Whether the breakers eventually made good based on future giveaways and charitable donations is for you to decide, but one thing is for sure – let’s not take the light off this incredible LeBron James Triple Logman card as one of the Greatest Pulls of All-Time