Topps Mother’s Day Insert Cards

This Mother's Day, we have some great cards to check out in your next break: Mother's Day cards, of course!

With Mother’s Day coming on Sunday, May 8th, we have the best cards to be on the lookout for in your next break: Mother’s Day cards, of course!

If the mom in your life is a card collector, or if you’re looking for a break to honor a special lady, Topps has an insert in their flagship products with your name all over it. In recent years, Topps has inserted Mother’s Day “Hot Pink” cards into their main releases. The cards have a pink border and are limited to 50 copies each. The pulls are tough, but not impossible. The pack odds for 2022 Topps are 1 per 1,519 hobby packs, 463 Jumbo packs, 1,329 retail packs, 1,519 blaster packs, and 318 hangers. Wander Franco is the big rookie most in the hobby are chasing in their breaks. A Mother’s Day Wander Franco sold for $1,000 last month! Other star cards like Mike Trout ($200) and Shohei Ohtani ($100) would be nice to land in 2022 products. Going back to the 2018 Topps Update release you could pull a Ronald Acuna, Jr. Mother’s Day rookie like this BGS 10 Black Label:

We found a recent sale for a BGS 9.5 Acuna Mother’s Day rookie $4,500! Wonder what price tag that BGS 10 will bring.


If mom got you into collecting cards, pulling one of these inserts in your next break would bring a smile to your face. Or if you have a really cool mom that collects cards herself, maybe you should buy her a spot into the next Topps flagship break so she can pull heat for Mother’s Day! Even if you don’t pull one of the special inserts, I’m sure mom will simply enjoy sharing the time with you. Check for the Top Breaks to buy into each week here!


Happy Mother’s Day to you from all of us here at Card Breaks!