The Best Pulls of the Week – Week of 4.25.22

There were some epic pulls last week! We have a Davis Mills Rising Rookie Patch Auto that has risen to the top.

1. 1974 Topps Reggie Jackson

The Breaker has Broken. Landon, in the 8 spot of an 8 spot 1974 Topps Wax Pack Break hit a Reggie. It was on the back of the 1974 Wax Pack, so there was a little bit of wax residue on the back. That’s a good hit in itself (Last year a GEM MINT 10 sold for $27k), but it also meant that Just Rip It Breaker Charlie would eat a REGGIE! Clark Bar, as promised. Yes, THAT REGGIE! Clark Bar from over 30 years ago. Landon not only walked away with the Reggie card, but JRI also sent him the Candy Bar’s wrapper, along with 1 of 3 special edition Clark Bar/Upper Deck cards that came inside. The candy bar started off good, but you can pinpoint the moment Break Charlie realizes the decades-old candy bar might not be in Rookie shape.

2. 2021 Panini NFL Phoenix Davis Mills 1 of 1

Phoenix breaks, and hits, are rising. This Davis Mills Rising Rookie Patch Auto has risen to the top. With a big, fat T front and center on the Patch, this is one of the best hits of a Rook you can ask for. This 1 of 1 is as close to striking oil in Texas as actually striking oil. Cardboard Gold, and pulled by Black Tie Breaks for a lucky Houston fan. This was the 2nd 1 of 1 BTB puled in their 4-box Phoenix Break.

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3. 2021-2022 Panini Revolution Basketball Scottie Barnes Rookie Auto

Rookie of the Year Scottie Barnes was the Hot Pop in this Layton Sports Card 8 Box Hobby Break. Barnes has been turnt up for the Raptors during the 1st Round of the NBA Playoffs, and turned up for Toronto in this Pick Your Team. Great pick and a great pull, this Rookie Auto stole the show!

4. 1984 OPC Don Mattingly

This is one for the Highlight Reel! J5 of Vintage Breaks called it, just before he pulled a Donny Baseball Rookie. That’s right, New York’s favorite Son and Miami’s favorite Step Dad’s premier O-Pee-Chee product. Anthony G. was the lucky winner of this NEAR PERFECTLY CENTERED Donny Rook. This is what it’s all about, this is the reason we break…..and it’s certainly one of the grand prizes in the 1984 OPC set. VB and viewers are expecting a good grade when the card gets Slabbed.

5. 2021 Clearly Donruss Football DK Metcalf Gold /5

Clearly Donruss is a Bomb set, Clearly. This DK Dominant pull by Wolfe’s stood out amongst the crowd. The Dominant series (this card appeared to be Gold) is a gorgeous subset that utilizes the Clear to perfection. Marty Mar got the 1st of this /5 looker in the 4 Box Pick Your Team.