Top Breaks to Buy Into – Week of 4.25.22

The top breaks to buy into next week are here! We've got first EVER female-themed Marvel set from Upper Deck.

1. 2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Box

Goodwin Champs is back! Mojo Break is bringing you one of the industries’ favorite offbeat brands featuring top athletes, historical and celebrity figures, animals, and other great stuff from the best of planet Earth. This is a 4-box Random Letter break, so the hits can come from anywhere on the globe. Some letters are doubled up (A/Z, C/G, D/I, H/Y, K/E, L/F, M/Q, P/O, T/N, and W/V), but with Poker Chips, Birds, and Relics from Legendary Ships, anything is possible. Be a part of this multi-sport/non-sport HERE

2. 2022 Topps Archives Signature Series Baseball Box

All the Topps Archives Signature Series cards are hand-signed, serial numbered, gold foil stamped, and enclosed in a Topps Authenticated case. This break will be from the Active Player roster so it will have your favorite current stars and the hits will be extra rare and limited as far as production. Not too many guarantees in life, but with this Grand Slam Collectibles Archives Signature Series Box, you’re going to want to click HERE.

3. 2021 Panini Phoenix Football Case Break

Panini Phoenix Football is on fire! The latest edition of this en fuego set is available in typical Jaspy’s fashion: in a mega 8-box 1/2 Case Break! It’s a Pick Your Team and team selections start at $49.99, which is a bargain considering how rare, colorful, and sought after the Phoenix brand is. Using opti-chrome technology. Look for En Fuego, Volcanic and Phoenician inserts HERE.

4. 2016 Upper Deck Marvel Gems Box

DIamonds are a girl’s best friend! This is the 1st EVER female-themed Marvel set from Upper Deck, which contains a 60 card, All-Female base set. The coolest part of this set, in our opinion, are the Diamond Mine cards embedded with actual manufactured diamonds!!! The set features single, double, triple and even quad parallels, some numbered as low as 1 of 1. 1 Crystal Clear PETG card is included in every box, so it’s a good thing this is a Blowout Box Break. There’s also 1 bonus Exquisite pack included in every box, featuring limited, original artwork base cards as well as unique Emma Frost Collection diamond skin cards! Be a part of this Diamond in the Rough break HERE.

5. 2021 Topps WWE Undisputed Personal Pack

A tower of WWE power too sweet to be sour, funky like a monkey OH YEAH! Vintage Breaks is bringing you the greatest WWE product that you CAN see, 2021 Topps WWE Undisputed. The set features Autographs and match used gear of the top WWE Superstars. There’s only 10 packs per box so there are a limited number of spots available for this Personal Pack Break. Get your chance to put Money in the Bank HERE.