Greatest Pulls of All Time – 1972 Topps Dr. J Rookie Card

In this week's Greatest Pulls of All Time, we feature a smoking 1972 Topps Dr. J Rookie Card.

The Doctor is IN! A pack-fresh 1972 Topps rookie card of Julius Erving was pulled, and this card is SMOKING.


Dr. J is one of the greatest basketball players ever to touch the court. We could fill this entire post up with his stats and we’d still never fit them all in. The Doctor won titles in both the NBA and the ABA, he’s won MVP awards in both leagues, and could this man DUNK. In his rookie year, Dr. J suited up for the Virgina Squires of the ABA, and is sporting his Squires uni on his iconic Topps rookie card. 


In 1972 Topps released their 264-card set in those famous wax packs we remember opening as a kid. There were 10 cards and a stick of gum that would set you back a big dime in ‘72. Card #195 is the card you’re looking to pull here; Dr. J’s rookie card. With the modern, high-end products you often know what the odds are for finding the big hits. A product like Panini Flawless could have 10 LaMelo Ball Gem/Diamond cards and if you know the product print line, you know the odds of pulling that Ball diamond. Knowing odds and predicting hits in vintage is nearly impossible, making the pulls of big-time vintage cards so much more thrilling! Looking at 1972 Topps wax packs, do we really know how many are left in the wild? We know that there are 543 packs graded on the PSA pop report. Are there 600 toal packs left in the world? 800? The unknown is so exciting. 

Just Rip It opened one of those sealed 1972 Topps basketball packs in a break that they offer for $295 per spot. You’re never guaranteed a PSA 10 on a card, but a pack-fresh pull has to be your best chance, right? The pop report has only 1 Dr. J rookie graded PSA 10; sky’s the limit on price. Only 160 cards have been graded a 9, and the last sale happened in October of 2021 with a price tag of $27,060! Even a PSA 8 is pushing $4,000. Check out this beauty that JRI pulled live during their break:

Amazing to see a vintage, iconic card pulled fresh from a pack. We hope YOUR pull ends up on our next post of The Greatest Pulls of All-Time!